Unleash the Power of Solution Mindset

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Ever come across someone who’s a pro at spotting problems but struggles when it comes to finding solutions? 

Let me paint a familiar picture:

Manager: “Please deliver the project in 3 weeks.”

Team member: “Sure, it’ll be done.”

<1 day before the deadline>

Team member: “We have a showstopper – client requirements were not clear and is changing. Can’t deliver tomorrow.”

Manager: Scratching his head… “Alright, let’s figure this out. How about…”

Team member: “But that has a little hiccup.”

Manager: Thinking again… “In that case, we can try…”

Team member: “Ah, but there’s another snag.”

Sound familiar? 

We’ve all been there.

As managers and leaders, we often find ourselves solving our team’s problems. 

But managing someone with a problem-focused mindset is ineffective in the long run.

These scenarios lead to dependency on the manager, slowing down the delivery process, delaying client deliveries, and, ultimately, frustrating clients.

Problem-Focused mindset is an attitude where an individual or group, primarily centers their attention on problems, challenges, obstacles, or negative aspects of a situation.


Solution Mindset is an attitude that always focuses on solving problems, rather than getting stuck when challenges arise.

So, if you have an irked client, it might be a symptom of a team with a problem-focused mindset.

Ready to shift from problem spotting to solution finding? 

Let’s make it happen together!

Cheers to a solution-centric journey,

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