Unveiling the Decision-Making Process

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Ever felt the challenge of making decisions without a clear process?

Have you been told to make a choice, take the decision, do it quickly, and found yourself scratching your head, wondering how to do it, how to be sure if it’s the right decision, what if it goes wrong?

We have a well-defined process for developing software, building a house, manufacturing a car, submitting tax returns, etc., but for making decisions that can change our lives, it is not taught.

The impact of not having a decision-making process can lead to the loss of money, time, relationships, career, business, and sometimes lives.

Think about it – Decisions change Direction – of a life (or lives), career (or careers), business (or businesses), nation(s), and the world…

Not sure why it’s not taught, and people educated on it.

So, let me introduce a simple decision-making process:

Step 1: Define the Problem: Identify the issue you want to solve.

Step 2: Generate New Ideas: Explore different solutions (recommended at least 10).

Step 3: Analyze Options: Evaluate and choose the top 2-3 alternatives.

Step 4: Make a Choice: Finalize your decision.

Step 5: Live with It: Embrace and move forward with the decision.

Seems straightforward, doesn’t it?

However, the real challenge lies not in the process itself but in its implementation—barriers, mistakes, and challenges that arise in adapting it to your unique environment. Obtaining a process is easy; implementing it is the true test.

In the upcoming blogs, I’ll delve into the barriers associated with each step in the decision-making process.

Stay tuned for insights that can transform the way you approach decisions!

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