Decoding Decision-Making: Art of Choosing Wisely

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How’s your problem-solving journey going?

Today, let’s delve into the fourth step of the solution process: Making a Choice.

By this stage, you should have analyzed all options.

It’s recommended that at this stage, you should narrow down your choices to 2 or a maximum of 3 options that you deem equally probable. Each option should appear to have a 50% chance of success in your eyes and you should feel equally drawn to both choices.

At this point, the biggest barrier is – Short-term Emotions.

Let me paint a scenario for you –

Have you ever been on a roller coaster ride?

After experiencing the thrill of the ride, do you recall what happens as it comes to an end?

You might have noticed a photographer capturing photos during your ride, capturing all the emotions visible on your face and body.

They’ll try to sell you the photo, and chances are high that you’ll buy it, even if it’s three times more expensive than usual.

Why? Because at that moment, you’re in a heightened emotional state. You’ll make impulsive decisions, even if you don’t really need to.

We make similar mistakes in life too.

I’ve personally made decisions in moments of anger, desperation, and excitement, only to regret them later when I felt their impact.

So what to do in this case?

Consider giving some time for the emotions to settle down – like a couple of hours, days, or even months – and then make a decision. With time, emotions can settle down.

As Sadguru said in one of his talks –

Take a break from social influence, family influence, and other influences, withdraw and sit somewhere and decide when you have a certain level of Clarity and Joy; Decide when you have peace and a clear mind. Do not decide the goals of your life in desperation; else goals will become a trap.

So, if you find yourself in a situation in your life, relationship, or business where emotions are running high or low, refrain from making a decision. Decide with a clear head and based on your core values.

And now that you’ve decided, make it right. Like someone said –

Successful people do not always make Right Decisions; they Make the Decisions Right.

Wish you success!

Amit Chawla | Business Clarity Coach

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