The Art of Decision-Making

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The Art of Decision-Making: 

Decide with Clarity, Lead with Confidence!

Did you know that, according to a KPMG study of 700 M&A transactions, a staggering 83% failed to enhance shareholder value? Furthermore, a McKinsey study revealed that executives estimate bad strategic decisions result in losses equivalent to 6% of annual revenues. These statistics highlight the critical importance of effective decision-making in the business world.

But who is making these decisions? Often, it’s top-notch, educated professionals. So, how do they make such grave mistakes, and can Generative AI significantly change this?

According to the World Economic Forum, Critical Thinking and Problem-solving are among the top skills needed in today’s business world. Yet, many of us have never been taught the art and science of decision-making.

If you’ve been following the traditional pros and cons approach or SWOT analysis, it’s time to update your methods. These outdated approaches often fall short in today’s complex business environment.

As a business clarity coach, I’ve been working on this topic for years and have covered it in-depth in my coaching sessions. In the next set of blogs, I’ll share the fundamental process, barriers, and concepts in decision-making that can help you make wiser decisions through critical thinking and having a solution mindset.

This extract is from a workshop on critical thinking that I conduct for companies. I encourage you to absorb this content and apply it in your daily life to become a wiser leader. One of the key traits of a Transformative Leader is to be a fast and wise decision-maker.

Stay tuned for more detailed insights in future blogs. Wishing you success in your journey to becoming a wiser leader.

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